Meek Mill arrested in NYC

This is the most bs I’ve ever seen in life by law enforcement. Apparently Meek Mill got pulled over in a car and arrested for riding a dirt bike in the streets of New York a day prior. The arresting officer told Meek he saw him and got him on camera riding the dirt bike in the streets. The most mind blowing part in all of this is that an officer saw a “crime” being committed and decided to make an arrest the next day?!! Fam, that’s like you running a red light yesterday and the cops coming to lock you up today for violating traffic lights! How sick is that?

Something doesn’t seem right about any of this. I know this might be a stretch but could this arrest have something to do with his  live performance of ” Young Black America ” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? All I know the president been on one lately and it’s been a hell of a week….. You just never know.