Blac Chyna wants to be Nicki Minaj

My inner Mad Rapper just came out. Now I’m hearing Blac Chyna woke up on morning and said she wanted to start a rap career and be the next Nicki Minaj. I’m not sure if she made that decision right after breakfast or lunch but that part is still sketchy. What’s even more crazy, it’s rumored that Capital Records is looking to sign her and she’s hitting the studio. 

If this is a go, it is a slap in the face to Nicki and every talented recording artists that’s busting their ass to get on. To think you can wake up and say I’m going to be the next Nicki as if you can get a Barb jawn injected into you the same way you get your butt implants is ridiculous and insulting! Nicki Minaj put in a lot of work, blocked and stepped on a lot of people to get to where she’s at today. The nerve of Blac Chyna to think this rap sh!t is easy. If Chyna gets a record deal, it cheapens the art of music and steal the little magic it has left