Jay Drops Gems on 4:44

The Ghettos of Black America hates it when one of their own Who happens to be rich and still up with wealth tell them they’re acting like a bunch of ignorant ass n*99as in front of company. They want to hear flexing on the Gram and throwing cash in the air is wack, they don’t want to hear posting guns on the Gram while threatening your enemies is wack and self snitching. No, they want to relish in ignorance defy all logic from a very successful black man who’s been there and done that. Even if it is the truth, it just doesn’t digest well for them and don’t ask me why because I’m still trying to figure out the logic in that type thinking.

Years ago Cosby tried to tell Black America about them selves and it didn’t go well at all. They were so incensed about Mr. Cosby giving them parenting advice to the point they waited for his down fall so they can throw it in his face while turning their backs on him. This time around Hov took a different approach by exposing his own past stupidity and foolish flexing on ” The Story of Oj” and just like you can count on the sun coming out tomorrow, you can count on ignorant rappers and their fans resisting gems from a rich and powerful O.G. On the track Jay says he could have bought his projects for $2mil 19 years ago and today it’s worth $20mil; do you know how stupid he feels after spending money on jewelry and cars instead of meaningful things like property? jaybo

You would think when somebody like Jay who never say much finally has something to share, people would shut the f’ck up and listen especially the ones who dropped out of school for no apparent reason. On “Moonlight” Hov talks about how hip hop is in the state of confusion after he showed us how to get money and be forward thinking with the art of rap and hip hop. In a way Jay Z sounds like a parent who went out-of-town on vacation without the kids and came home to a mess. Jay is walking a tight rope preaching to Hip hop even though his criticism was well received by most, there’s still a few rappers who think they have enough juice to downplay what Jay is trying to do. We’re also in a rare space because we never seen a rapper get this far in age, success in music, entertainment and business and at the same time, you’re witnessing history while he’s giving you gems; that’s hard to take in all at once especially in this fast paced society. For most of 4:44 all Jay is saying we have to wake up and walk into the light, move smarter, create generational wealth, and treat each other better; Is that so much to ask?oj