The Ghost of Bad Boy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

                                                                           I just checked out Puff Daddy’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and I was expecting to see some concert performances of my favorite Bad Boy songs but instead I got a count down to a show that I didn’t get to watch; We got to see the making of the tour along with some Bad Boy stories and the story of Puff Daddy which was cool but it was a build up to nothing. 

In the Doc from Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene Deal ” Raw Deal”, he says that Puff  said some things got to change; either Pac got to die, Big got to die, or Suge Knight got to go to jail because he can’t continue to live like this.

Gene also inferred that Puff set Biggie up for his death. Before writing this guy off as a hater or bitter, remember he was a bodyguard that knew intimate details of Puff and Bad Boy; he should be treated no different from Frank Alexander who was a very credible witness to several 2Pac docs surrounding Death Row. When it comes to the bodyguard, the personal assistant, and even the chef, you got to take what they have to say with a grain of salt and not for nothing There is always 2 sides to a story. 

One theme that was present in the documentary was the dark cloud that loomed over Bad Boy since B.i.G died. There have been shootings, death, artists doing jail time, and multiple rappers seeking God after joining Bad Boy. The Lox and all the R&B artist on Bad Boy dodged bullets by defecting from the label to preserved their lives.

After watching both docs you would think the ghost of Biggie haunts Bad Boy or his mom put a curse on the record label from ever prospering as long as her son’s death remains unsolved. Anyone that has family from the Caribbean knows that black magic exist, it’s a cultural thing and it can get real. It is used mostly to turn your luck around, protection from your enemies and most of all, revenge. It shouldn’t be nothing for a person from the islands to light a candle on your ass. The curse can manifest in many forms; It can compel someone to un-earth stories like the bodyguards that worked for Death Row and Bad Boy and by looking at the “Raw Deal” Doc, You can see the energy pulling Big Gene to tell his story more than ever to the point he’s putting it out for free and his obsession is on the same level as Frank Alexander’s prior to his death. ​​​​​​​The other way a curse can manifest itself is by pure destruction. There was a time where nothing can go right for Bad Boy  and to this day, it is a shell of itself. I’m not gonna lie, between the Big Gene doc and the Puff Daddy doc I came to the conclusion that Biggie’s ghost is haunting Bad Boy Records.

Artists that seeked God after joining Bad Boy