Is Cash Money Records The New Death Row?


I’ve recently seen the movie “All Eyez On Me” and during the Death Row scenes, I began to see a few parallels between Death Row and Cash Money. Both CEO’s are Blood affiliated or members of the blood gang, they primarily work out of a recording studio they don’t own, they don’t have a physical office address, they flash and abundance amounts of wealth and they cheat their artists out of funds. That being said, can we blame Drake for having a ghost writer? If history shows that Cash Money ruin careers of artists defecting the label prematurely, wouldn’t you have created a ghost writing sweatshop just to get off that label as quick as possible? Drizzy Contract  

The OVO Sweatshop

When PAC thought he was about to leave Death Row by turning in his 3rd album, Suge Knight hit him up with all kinds of ridiculous fees and expenses that had to be paid back to the label before he was allowed to leave. Some of those charges had nothing to do with him. Suge Knight had child support payments of other artists charged to Pac, hotel fees and studio time that was not his; it was a mess. 2pac sold an enormous amount of records netting Death Row around $40 -$60m. and the thought of 2Pac still owing money to Death Row was crazy! 

Like Pac, Drizzy is also an actor and a very successful recording artist whose contract should be up by now. Will we ever see a clean break with Drake from Cash Money? Will Lil Wayne ever drop the Carter 5 and leave Cash Money just like Snoop Dogg was able to leave Death Row? Is it going to take Birdman getting arrested for a long time before we can see Wayne and Drake be released? I mean Dj Khaled was able to leave but it sounds like he got the Dr Dre severance package. In the history of Cash Money, no artist ever made a successful career after leaving them. Dj Khaled is doing well after leaving but he’s more less considered a producer/dj/ low-level CEO.

If Drake is able to leave and be compensated for his work, he would make history. Lil Wayne is in a battle for his career with Cash Money Record, they haven’t paid him for at least 2 albums and it’s not looking good for him right now. Back in late 1996 to early 1997, Snoop Dogg wanted out of Death Row and Suge Knight was trying to starve him just like Birdman is doing Lil Wayne until Master P came along and bought out Snoops contract.  It looks like Wayne is trying to use the same playbook with Roc Nation. The only problem is this isn’t 1997 when CD’s were going 5x platinum and we don’t see Jay Z going hard to get him on the label just as P did for Snoop. If I didn’t know better I swear Birdman found the Death Row Records employee handbook because they treat their artist the same minus the ass whoopings.

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