Dj Akademiks Disrespected on His Own Show

It’s ironic how people rappers press Akademiks after he openly says he’s not a tough guy and he’s a puss when it comes to jail or any type of crime. He even said he would sue a rapper and snitch in a heart beat if they ever put hands on him. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise that when Wale and Vic Mensa disrespected him on his own show knowing that he would not respond with the energy of 50 cent or The Game. The world of hip hop is so fraudulent and full of super fake thugs. Vic Mensa recently went to Complex’s Everyday Struggle where Dj Akademiks is a co host to promote his new project. Mensa used that platform to tell Akademiks he’s a b’tch and he should slap him because he made Chiraq videos clowning his city. Vic went on to elaborate that those videos was exploitive and he knew someone who died in one of those videos. Instead of confronting the thugs in his city that killed his homeboy and pulling up on the dudes that uploaded videos for Akademiks to be able to flip them into his twisted comedy, Vic decides to get tough on Akademiks show!

It’s so comical on how most of these rappers have stick figure frames and have the audacity to threatening bodily harm. The rappers that do have some form of body mass are barely 5’8″ !  If you criticize their music they are going to live stream a video on how they gonna pull up on you, if you clown them as a joke, they pulling up, and god forbid you dare to critic how foolish they look, then they hit you with my favorite; “You can’t come to my city n’99a!”. When did hip hop get so sensitive? And when did rappers ever have the power to control cities when they can barely get the record companies to pay them!? These rappers can’t even scare a jewish guy into releasing them from a slave contract and yet they think they can scare someone from writing articles or making videos about them. That’s a hell of oxymoron but going back to the lecture at hand, Vic Mensa could have address Dj Akademiks with out the insults and threats because he had some valid points to his argument but at the same time, he can’t ignore that his city of Chicago got some serious issues to fix. On another level, it’s crazy how Akademik’s co-host Joe Budden found it amusing to a certain degree and at one point sided with Vic Mensa while Ak was being checked. If this trend continues where Joe shows little respect for Ak and never have his back when artist threatens him on his own show, it may be time for Dj Ak to get his parachute ready. It’s only a matter of time before a skinny non menacing rapper who needs a few millions views for his mixtape to come on the show and slap the sh’t out of Dj Akademks.