All Eyez on Me, My movie night

I just saw the movie “All Eyez on Me” and I’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed. After waiting  two years for this movie and coming off the gangsta bliss of “Straight Outta Compton” so, my expectations were high. I was listening to my Pac playlist all day, wore my bandana and tattooed Thug Life on my stomach with my wife’s eye brow pencil liner, that’s right I took it there. I had the day off and I’m a day1. Don’t judge me. I have 2pocalypse Now, Strictly 4 My N!ggas, Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me on CD, and Thug Life and Makaveli albums on cassette tapes. Now it’s show time and I’m ready to go. My 15yr old saw how fired up I was about this movie ,so she asked if she can be my plus 1. I quickly curved her and told her to watch the lil movie her mom and brother was going to watch. She turn around and shaded my movie! She had the audacity to tell me ain’t nobody gonna see that movie! I said “BLAST FOR ME!!!!!! (in my Pac voice) you foolish millennial,you know nothing”. It was a sweet moment that she wanted to do something with me that I was into. If “All Eyez on Me ” was going to be anything like “Straight Outta Compton”, I could not expose my daughter to a bunch of random sex or nude scenes. It didn’t sit right with me.

I made the ticket line by 6:45 pm so I can catch the 7pm watch time. The cashier ask me if I want the iMax surround sound or the regular showing? My cheap ass chose the regular. Now I’m at the concession line by 6:48 and when I looked to my left, I saw a line coming from the 8pm Pac movie going all the way outside until the next day! I’m thinking it’s lit and if it’s like that then I probably might end up in a crapy corner seat at the top left of the theater or a front row seat that’s gonna blind the shet out of me. 7:03 I got my popcorn, hot dog and coke and my heart is beating fast hoping I can still find a decent seat otherwise, I would have to switch to the 8pm show. I finally made it to the door by 7:06 after walking forever as quick as I could with popcorn falling out of my cup. I walked through the long dark hallway hearing the sounds of the previews pounding against the walls and when I turned the corner, it was only 5 people sitting in the theater!

My heart sunk and I was befuddle wondering if I just walked into a flop. At that moment, I knew my daughter jinxed my movie premiere. I was thinking about writing her a nasty text, but I punted knowing that she would reply with a bunch of laughing emojis ,and my ego would not allow it. Then to add insult to injury at 7:10 five more people walked into the theater and I decided to make the best of it but the movie gods wouldn’t let me. I start to noticed the screen seemed a little blurry so I switched seats thinking I was sitting too close and I left my glasses home. Come to find out, I was sold a ticket that had SD video quality!! I was so pissed and quickly realized why there was no-one at the theater. Now I’m under pressure my family is watching their movie, if I switch the tickets I might end up sitting on the floor or worst the 8pm might be sold out. I had no choice but to suck it up and watch the movie as is and just imagine it being HD.

The movie starts and after the first half of his life, there was no substance. I kept waiting for the intimate scenes we didn’t know about 2Pac or get to see when he was alive. The movie left out a lot of things like how Pac used to obsess about his mortality. Early on he didn’t think he would live past his 21st birthday and when that came and went, he didn’t think he would live to see the age of 25.


Through his music, he wrote about his early death countless times and the movie dropped the ball on exploiting those special conversations with his closest friends and family convincing him that he had a whole life to live and how deserving he was to have it. We didn’t get to go into Pac’s psyche to see why he felt the way he did as far as not living long. The movie came out a day before his birthday. The movie also chronicled the time frame of his 25th birthday , but we didn’t get to see him having a party and having the sense of feeling wrong about not living to see that birthday. 

I went into the movie remembering how lit he was from 1992 to the summer of 96, imagining how he was going to use his power and balling out of control. He started to do a voting registration drive with the community by the time he formed Thug Life and towards the end of his life and convincing Suge Knight to go along for the ride. I didn’t see any of that in the movie. His best friend Big Stretch who rapped on a lot of his hardest songs was murdered in New York while Pac was in prison . Pac spoke about it briefly on his song “Against All Odds”, it would’ve been cool to see how he was dealing with all this while he was in prison. When Pac mentioned Stretch for 2 or 3 bars, it sounded like they wasn’t good before he died. I was alway curious about that line and I never saw them together after his robbery at Quad Studios in New York.

Another thing I was disappointed about in the movie, is the way they portrayed Pac; you would think he had no friends in the industry. In his video “Temptations”, a bunch of hip hop artists and celebrities came together to shoot the video because he was incarcerated. The movie failed to shed light to that.

He did multiple TV interviews with Yo MTV Raps, Arsenio Hall, and MTV prior and post jail. Most of Pac’s TV moments were omitted from the movie. Sway had moments with Pac, Ed Lover, Naughty By Nature, Scarface and many other artists. I would have loved to see some of those back stories with these individuals who by the way is still alive.

.It hurts me to admit the movie “All Eyez on Me” wasn’t that good or maybe Straight Outta Compton just set a LIT bar for me. It took me a couple of days to reconcile that reality until Jada Pinkett Smith came out and expose the movie for putting out alterative facts. At the end of the day, All Eyez on Me was a dramatize Wikipedia. I guess that was the let down. From this point on, bio pics should go directly to Netflix or Amazon Prime for 4hrs or just do a Doc and call it a day. It hurts too much to see iconic figures reduced to a badly done 2hr movie.