Can somebody tell me why am I getting beat over the head with mumble rap if it’s not selling? When I get in my car and turn on the radio, all I hear is trap music and it’s the same songs on rotation. I rock with Trap music, I really do but it’s not something I can listen to all day I mean come on!! Here is the total insult; You ride in your car everyday for work, morning drive or afternoon and when these artist finally release their music it doesn’t even crack 100K! On average, a mumble rapper’s first week sale are 18-40k. imagine being subjected to Trap Music for months only to see the end results to be somewhere between 18-40k sales and streams combined?! I’m totally insulted every time.

All I’m saying if artists like Joey Badass, J. Cole, Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar can sell anywhere from 60k-600k first week without any radio rotation, why aren’t they given that major look on the radio? that would be money well spent. Clearly non Trap music is selling and selling well. Even Though Chance The Rapper never put out any physical music for sell, He still out sold Mumble Rappers with his streaming sales! It should be a no brainer to play music that the public responds to. I’m always asking myself, if Trap Music not yielding the kind of results like the music that’s out selling it by 10 times, why is it being forced down our throats? New York rappers have an ongoing argument of their radio stations not supporting them. The NY stations often responds to them they’re not making “good music” i.e. Trap music. How can you blame NY rappers for not conforming when  trap music is not selling like J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar.

When I ask a bunch of 20 yr olds how they consume their music, they often say through a streaming service….Here we are. With the exception of Drake, Cole and Kendrick, It seems like the music industry had gassed all the rappers into thinking that Trap music is viable. Artist like Rick Ross, T.i, Meek Mill and Wale started to see their numbers decline over time because they shifted from their original formula. Even R&B music fell into the Trap. Trap Rappers tour well and so does other musicians that don’t do trap/ mumble rap. When you see Adele, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole do massive numbers without any trap beats or mumble rappers, you got to ask; Is Trap Music successful?



Lil Boat just dropped his first album and it flopped selling 43k first week. He was expected to sell some where between 60-100k.




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