One Love Concert With Ariana Grande


It’s been a hard week to unpack. Almost 2 weeks ago a terrorist attack happened in Manchester, England. Kathy Griffin played herself when she disrespected and threatened the President of The United States.

I don’t know how she didn’t see that sh’t storm coming. The storm was so bad that she got fired from a job she only does once a year! CNN didn’t even want to wait until this thing blows over. If thats not worst, venues from her tour is dropping her left and right. Nobody wants no smoke because she disrespected President Trump.

The UK just suffered another terrorist attack on the London bridge which carried over to other areas near by. It was almost like the movie London Has Fallen minus the world leaders.

The following day, One Love Manchester with Ariana Grande took place as promised to heal Manchester and its surrounding areas. It was a 3hr+ star-studded concert that did not disappoint. Stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and others came to show and spread love. One performance that impress me was Justin’s. That guy is so talented and he should get more credit for his musical prowess, Justin came through with just a guitar, no beat or background singer. Just him, a guitar and a mic. After his performance, Justin said some words to the crowd that almost made me cry!


One artist that was noticeably absent and I felt she should have been there was Demi Lovato. I had my 15yr old daughter do some research for me and come to find out a fan did ask Demi the same question and her response was, she wasn’t’ invited to perform.

Demi however was asked to do a “Manchester I stand with you ” video shout out for the concert. I don’t mean to murk this up but it seems no matter what, some how artists find a way to politicize an event or have an agenda. Back in 1984, Michael Jackson didn’t invite Prince to do the “We Are The World ” song.

That song sold hundreds of millions to stop hunger in Africa. Michael and Prince were fierce rivals and MJ was not willing to give Prince a platform that might give him an edge over him, no matter the cause.

I can bet my left nuts, Ariana and her team saw this concert as a blessing in disguise. There was no way she could have done this stadium concert on her own prior to the disaster. Maybe she felt by inviting Demi to perform in a “stadium” to a world live audience, she might give Demi  an edge over her. I’m not crazy. This is how insecure recording artist are and this is how they think. Ariana got the Black Eyed Peas on the bill. Their last hit was during President Bush’s term. You mean to tell me she couldn’t fit Demi in for one song? there is clearly some kind of rivalry going on here. They came up in the business together doing the same exact moves. They were teenage tv actors on Disney and Nickelodeon and became pop stars at the same time. Y’all don’t know this but artists does this all the time. We can have a benefit concert to help a 3rd wold country that just suffered an earth quake and somehow a great artist would get snubbed just because.