Dj Khaled To The Max Ft Drake


Dj Khaled just dropped his new track To The Max Ft Drake this morning. I’m sure when Khaled sent Drake the track, he had the title and the concept and Drake and or his writers totally ignored it or didn’t get it. The track samples a Miami bass track where the dj is doing a call and response to get you going and dance to what ever he’s says. That’s what we do in Miami; That’s our sound and somebody at the sweatshop dropped the ball.


What Drake is rapping or singing in the verse had nothing to do with being Turned Up To the Max. This would’ve been a better song if attention to detail was paid and if Khaled had enough guts to tell Drake, “nah, this ain’t it bro. Did you read the email I sent with the track? the track is about turning up Miami style. It’s not about your personal problems in the industry. Can you do it over”?


To The Max with the piano kinda remind me of John Legend Ft Andre 3000 “Green light”, which was a smash. I can imagine Khaled seeing the upside to this track prior to the Drake vocals. In his mind he just knew Drizzy was gonna kill this track just like 3 Stacks did on Green Light. Some how Drake f’cked up with his lazy singing. If he really was ballsy, He would’ve put Ken Jones to lead it in the right direction and feature Drake but as usual he never puts his artist on the big singles.


I’m just speaking from a song writing perspective. To The Max views is rising quickly as I’m writing this post and it’s largely on the strength that it’s Drizzy and Dj Khaled not because this is the most lit song Drake and The OVO sweatshop came up with. You be the judge.


One thought on “Dj Khaled To The Max Ft Drake

  1. The track is dope, potential of track def not being MAX! See what I did there

    His vocals fit in the pockets of the beat like a glove. It’s classic Drake content that we’ve learned to love and enjoy. We’re we really expecting something different. It’s a music listeners to dream to have her a remake of miami’s finest. But it’s 2017, and only uncle luke can probably do that! In the end, it’s a dope track that’s going to get be all over the 📻


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