Bryson Tiller’s True To Self Lands At Number 1

Bryson Tiller takes the number 1 spot selling on the Sales Plus Streams charts selling 116K+ in the first week. Bryson caught us all by surprise when he dropped his second album “True To Self”. I’m not surprised by the fact that the first 5 tracks are straight flames. One of my favorites is “Don’t Get Too High”. All the first few songs blend through each other flawlessly. He created a perfect vibe if you’re smoking on something premium and smooth or chopping down a sweet tender roni at the crib.


Sonically, he kept it Trap. By the time Bryson got to “Self Made,” he picked up the pace and went on some rider ish with “High Stakes ” where he starts rapping. High Stakes goes hard! That’s another joint I put on repeat. Tiller rapped more on this project. I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker for his core fans but only time and sales will tell. It gave his album a mixtape vibe but some how he made it all work. The theme of the project is more or less the search of truth. Either Bryson is being honest with his struggles to be faithful to one girl, should he let go a relationship that’s clearly not working for him? or he’s searching for the true definition of his relationships. “Are we real or we just get down from time to time”? Hence True To Self.


I’m torn between his first and second album. True To Self have 5 more songs than Trap Soul. I believe that TTS would still be dope without it being 19 tracks long. I just don’t know anyone who has the time to listen to 19 four-minute songs. Hell, I haven’t gotten around to finish listening to Views! Either way, True To Self rides and goes hard. Click the video link to check it out for yourself. Please share.