Meek Mill Bounce Back With Nicki Clone?


Ever since Meek Mill took the sword to the stomach from Drake, He couldn’t stop taking L’s. It got to the point he was taking L’s for stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with him! The straw that broke the camel’s back came when Nicki Minaj dumped him publicly. I heard it all from His career is over since he no longer have Nicki to he needs to just get a job at the post office and call it a day; as if his career was predicated on a romantic relationship with Nicki. People quickly forgot that Meek Mill was Meek Mill before he got with Nicki. For an artist, it’s crazy how perception can drive your success and your failures. It’s even harder and unfair when an artist deliver great product that nobody wants to hear because they are perceived as a looser. The break up between Meek and Nicki  was hard on him and had Meek spiraling out of control. He was making foolish moves and making crazy comments publicly. He couldn’t deal with the petty tactics and shade his ex was throwing at him behind the scenes.

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Some how Meek caught his composure and got back on his North Philly ish. As somebody who once lived in the Philly area, there is no group of people that’s pettier than them. That’s a language that Meek speaks and understand. I dare you to find any one group of people that’s more petty than Philly. He knew the only way he could bounce back and start winning again, first he had to lay low and shut the f’ck up. Second, he had to come through with a girl that’s finer than Nicki or just as bad. Meeks new girl is a straight up clone to Nicki. Am I the only one that notice this or am I trippen?


Oddly enough, Nicki perception wise have nothing sticking for her upcoming project. She’s done everything from paying college tuition for a couple of fans to high – profile performances at awards shows. Meek on the other hand has an album coming. Everything have to be clicking in all cylinders. This is arguably his come back season and that bounce back got to be hard. It’s as if someone from the research department pulled up stats and showed he had his most successful first week when he was attached to Nicki; so Meek have to find the next best thing, a Nicki clone. If Meek plays his cards right, He could come like Jordan in 97. I gotta be honest, his song ” The Difference ” have a whole new meaning to me now and I’m not sur what it means. In the hook he says ” my girl is bad and your girl is bad but they know the difference.” Is that a good thing now or a bad thing? Look at the pics and tell us what you think; do you think Meek Mill is being petty or does he all of a sudden have a type?