Irv Gotti Relaunched Murder Inc.

Irv Gotti got a lot going on and couldn’t wait to make a proper press release or a trailer. He went straight to the Gram to show off some raw footage of his new Tv series that’s coming out on BET. If that wasn’t enough, he announced that he was relaunching Murder Inc! That announcement to me was more impactful than showing me something that looks like a music video.


My initial thought was “it’s about time”. In my life, I go with what always work for me in the past. I tried making beats on a laptop to keep up with these new dudes and it didn’t work for me; so I went back to hardware using my MPC 2000XL. When I wanted to lose weight, I tried some new green diet. What a disaster, I almost fainted twice. I went back to what worked, running and eating less carbs. Irv said in his Instagram “MURDER INC has formed a Partnership with the guys who I had all my success with. With the guys who believed in me from Day 1. KEVIN LILES AND LYOR COHEN and there 300 Record Label. I’m beyond blessed and excited to be Smashing with my guys. Who truly know me. And understand me. I couldn’t ask for better Partners”.


There is a misconception that artists no longer need labels in this era. The truth is artists do need labels. The problem is that major labels lack the vision it takes to launch an urban artist from nobody cares to super stardom. They have a formula that works for pop artists all day and it works flawlessly. The music business always needed a Irv Gotti, LA Reid and Babyface, J Prince, Top Dawg, Andre Harrell, and a  Puff Daddy who can articulate to the majors what is necessary to make an artist pop and why and how it’s going to work. Think about it. The greatest Urban music always came from indie urban labels, (Stax, Def Jam, Motown, Solar, Bad Boy, Death Row, LaFace, Rap A Lot, Uptown, Loud, Roc A Fella, TDE, and Cash Money ). Can you imagine music without these small labels? The music business lost it’s footing when they stopped doing joint ventures with these smaller labels. When it came to urban music, we always found a way to pop off until the labels come calling to absorb the wave.

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It’s a great look for the culture and music business for Irv Gotti and Murder Inc to be back. It would be dope if Ashanti can come back to the Inc to anchor the whole label. She can serve as a reminder what the success of the label was built on and she should be taken care of. I feel the same about Ja Rule but he needs to chill for a hot minute and quarantine those L’s off of him. Either that or take up an executive position at the Inc until its time to make a recording appearance. With the trending success of labels like TDE, Cash Money and Roc Nation, it’s safe to say Irv is about to do some serious damage.