Blac Youngsta Breaks Character

You know you done f’cked up when you have to break character and explain nothing you do is real. It’s a character you’re playing just to entertain, and hoping that the lead prosecutor in your case would see this and go easy on you. Finally Blac Youngsta admits all the shenanigans he does with all the stuttering and flexing with all that cash is just a gimmick. He’s doing all this cooning just to get to his next level which is acting. He is signed to a major label and that’s where the problem starts for me. Nobody ever remember these artist for their music, people only know them as a social media character and antics. Can somebody tell me why an urban or hip hop artist have to come up with all kind of buffoonery and wild antics just to drum up attention on social media before the label even consider marketing and promoting them? And why is it that a white artist never bear the same burden? they get ushered straight to top 40 radio. Pop artist gets to seemingly come out of no where.


there is nobody telling them they got to get hot in these streets before they get looked at by a label. Meanwhile you see new rappers popping out of no where throwing stacks of cash at the camera and cursing their haters, Wearing dresses and make up or starting a social media wars every week with other rappers and flashing guns on camera. It still surprises me that nobody ever shot the camera man.

What ever happened to building an image that was based on reliability? Why can’t an urban or hip hop artist get the same promotion and marketing as a pop artist? Why is a pop artist a pop artist before they are popular? and why an urban artist have to crawl their way out of coonery before they can smell the pop charts? I don’t have the answers to these questions. All I know is all this buffoonish usually get most rappers in trouble with the law or dead before their careers can take off.