Places You Need To Pull Up To Eat on Memorial Day, Miami


It’s Memorial day and the whole weekend you probably hit up Liv, Story other spots up down South Beach and of course the beaches. By now you’re wondering where can you go to get some real food that reminds you of home or better. I’m here to help you out. First place I got is Finga Lickin. It’s own by Poe Boy CEO E Class and Dj Khaled have some equity in this joint too.

The minute you walk in, it has a Hip Hop version of the Hard Rock Cafe type vibe to it. You see Gold and Platinum records on the walls by artist like Rick Ross, Flo Rida and Khaled. They serve everything from wings to seafood. The video can show you better than I can show you.

Another spot is Empty plates. Owned by Dj Khaled’s former personal chef, Chef Dee. She recently opened her spot and her joint are amazing. You’re getting quality dishes in a short amount of time. The decor of her spot, I can see her putting in a pool table or two in the near future. It’s that cool of a spot where you can chill for an extended period of time.

You got to pull up to one of these spots. They both serve great food where you can sitdown and eat while you are talking about how lit this weekend was before going back home. What I love most about both spots is that they hired people from our community and they are hip hop. You can’t get no better soul food than that.

I’m wondering, did I just do a Dj Khaled commercial?!