Nicki Minaj To Perform at The NBA Awards

If you really care about Nicki Minaj performing at the 2017 NBA Awards, click this link the full details

It looks like Drake is really flexing his muscle out here! First he strong armed Billboard to give him 13 awards; allegedly, and now it seems he pulled some strings to have Nicki Minaj perform at the first ever NBA Awards Show. Either that or she asserted herself into the equation. She’s known to make some backdoor phone calls herself. I’m sorry but when I think of basketball and sports in general in terms of what I listen to, the last thing is a Nicki Minaj song.



I was looking forward to some Trap artists like The Migos, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott or Young Thug. These names are a no brainer for an award show that’s honoring a sport that thrives on such high energy. Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to book Nicki for this event? I just can’t imagine KD or James Harding getting turned with Nicki just before a game. I just can’t! If there was such a desperate need for a super star, why didn’t Kendrick get the call? Could it be that the Cold War between him and Drake is a thing? Seriously, How is Kendrick Lamar not in the conversation to perform Be Humble, DNA or Element?


All I know, there needs to be more performers added that fits this event. I need to see performances like what Drake did at the Billboard Awards. It’s the NBA for crying out loud I need Trap music for this show. Much love to Nicki, she’s a Super Star but i think she should sit this one out.