Solange Have Been Replaced By Migos At Boston Calling?!

For the second time in two weeks, an R&B artist been bumped off a festival headlining spot. The first artist was Frank Ocean and now Solange. The reason given for not being able to do the shows were “production delays and complications beyond her control.” She will be replaced by the Migos.


I find that explanation interesting; Is that code for she was asking for 1000 scented candles spread throughout her dressing room, 5 cases of sparkled water, Hot wings in variable platters (breaded, boneless and regular) 3 packs of cigarettes, fresh cooked greens and brown rice, 2 bottles of Bobby Brown Hot Sauce, 8 bottles of Ace Of Spades, her own Martha Steward addition toilet seat and $350k? And they said f’ck that, why don’t we just get The Migos for $80k and call it a day? All they need is weed, girls, Champaign and smoke for their stage show.

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I’m just having a hard time understanding how you go from an R&B artist like Solange headlining your event, build a line up around her to the Migos?! In this case I don’t know who wins or gets the L; Is it the fans, The Migos or the organizers of the event or is it Solange?

Is “production delays and complications beyond their control” the new code word for the artist was asking for too much or a clean and political way of saying they got cut?