Did Drake Strong Arm THE 2017 Billboard Awards for his 13 Trophies?



First things first. Drake’s performance at the 2017 Billboards Awards Show last night was lit! He performed Gyalchester in the middle of the world-famous Bellagio fountain. The set had flames and fireworks everywhere, it’s as if Drake really wanted you to know he’s The 6god and got more tunes for your head tops if you didn’t already know.

   Now on to the subject at hand. The cats been out the bag for quite some time about award shows. Kanye killed the magic for us, whipped down the mirrors and cleared out the smoke when he blurted out that Beyoncé wasn’t going to show up to the MTV awards unless she wins the major award! I’ve been seeing this as a trend lately with these recording artist. They feel the award shows use their names for ratings and  AD dollars; so if they are not being praised by winning the big awards, they are not coming? I find it interesting that Drake said in a previous interview with DJ Semtex, on his OVO Radio station, https://youtu.be/vGTBc84iV7M at the 26:54 mark, Drake said he was pitched by the Grammys to fly in for the award ceremony so he can sit in the audience just to lose. He made it clear, if he wasn’t going to win the pop award, he wasn’t showing up.

Now this time around, at the award show that doesn’t matter as much as the Grammys, Drake wins 13 awards?!!! As a lover of music and it’s creators, the politics and smoke and mirrors that’s played by both sides kill it for the fans. Knowing what Kanye said when he was spazzing out and hearing the f’ckery that goes on straight out of Drake’s mouth makes me question the validity of his awards. Not only do I question Drake’s awards, I question the whole nomination process. I lost the excitement of watching these shows and if I do watch, I pick out every winner; Vegas have nothing on me when it comes to picking the winners of these award shows.

All in All, The Billboard Award show scored big on the performances.