Lately I’ve been going through some things in my life. I’m trying my best to be a devoted partner to my wife but for some reason lately, I’ve been getting hit on. I gave up the savage life surrendered my spears a long time ago. I feel like I’m getting tested hard as a muth…f…cka and getting weak! I finally broke down and told my wife what I’ve been going through. Instead of being upset and turning it around on me like it’s my fault, and saying I must be doing something to draw that energy. She suggested we go to church. I said that sounds like a great idea. Going to church will re-center me and bring me even closer to my wife. We get to the church, a Baptist church by the way. The choir is jamming! I’m feeling the blessing of the Lord all ready. Coming to church is turning out to be a great idea. While the choir is singing , people are still filing in and what do I see, a bunch of sexy ass fine women wearing tight ass dresses they shouldn’t be wearing in church!

Immediately I started to panic. I’m in the house of the Lord, my wife is standing to my right, I’m trying not to break my neck looking at these women as they walk on and it’s totally weird and wrong to have lustful thoughts while you’re in church! To make matters worst, some of them sat in the row right in front of me; so when the pastor ask us to stand to pray or sing, I’m forced to look at a horse ass. It’s just rampant. everywhere you turn its six-inch heels, tight ass dresses exposing their thongs and donkey butts and I’m struggling to be right! I know they say come as you are but be considerate of men that’s recovering savages.

Lord, am I asking too much? All I want to be is a devoted husband. Why thus thow test thee?!! I come to you humble and meek. You don’t allow drugs in the temple to tempt recovering addicts. Why have you forsaken me?

Then all of a sudden, this powerful voice spoke to me. He kinda sound like James Earl Jones. The voice said ” LEAVE THIS PLACE FOR IT IS FILLED WITH HEATHENS AND PHARISEES. WHEN YOU GET INTO YOUR CAR, I WILL TAKETH THE WHEEL.” The next thing I know, I ended up at this mixed church where everybody is fully cloths and so damn nice! After service they had little bite sized sandwiches, coffee and little donuts! I got the word I needed. I feel centered and most of all, a stronger connection with my wife. Who knew finding your spirituality  and just trying to be right would be so tough.





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