When sh’t hit the fan are you still a fan? That’s the hardest line Kendrick ever said. Things are looking shaky bakey for Sony Music. People are starting to get fired at Epic left and right! It kind of remind me of the scene from the Movie Good Fellas; the part where Robert Dinero’s character Jimmy, starts whacking everybody who was associated with him because he felt the feds was closing in on him. That’s the optics here for Sony. They know a civil lawsuit from La Reid’s ex assistant is imminent. They’re going to cut off LA Reid’s loyalist; just so they wont pay as much for the suit at the end of the day. To tell you the truth, most of Reid’s staff  leaving regardless as soon as He gets on at his next gig. So in a way, Epic is screwed whether the staff get fired or not. To make matters worst, it is rumored that the upper brass at Sony are squeezing their butt cheeks in fear of Epic going back to the toilet or having to shut it down right after it found its way from the ashes. A source from the company said they had to fire Reid and stands by that decision.

Lets peel back some layers. Last summer Reid moved the Epic Records headquarters along with a dozen of his top staff from New York to Los Angeles. At the time, he said the reason for the move was to expand their reach into film and TV. Really dude? I always felt funny about that move and the timing. He’s been working out of New York for over 20 years. All the major Record company’s are in NY and not to mention his parent company. The only labels that are in Los Angeles is Capital and Interscope. It seems to me, only because I’m scenical, that LA knew Stringer was going to be his new boss, he didn’t vibe well with him and moving to the west coast was the best possible way they can have a working relationship. Think about it. They don’t have to see each other every day, the time zones are 3hrs apart and they can simply Skype their meetings if anything.

img_3869-1Another thing that’s troubling to me is LA knew he may not survive a new regime despite his success due to the fact he was spending more money than the company was profiting; HE FILMED FRENCH MONTANA’s VIDEO IN AFRICA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! AND IT WAS HOT FOR ONLY A WEEK! It’s practically forgettable. It was a dope song but c’mon son! In the past year, LA went on a signing spree, getting acts like Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Yo Gotti, French Montana, 21 Savage (21 said he signed with La because he’s black. What a dumb ass.), Diddy and Keisha Cole. Poor Keisha; She thought her career was going to be Lit again and I was rooting for her. If anyone can revive her career is LA. Boy did he f’ck that up. By all accounts, Reid made Epic sexy again. Since he took over in 2011, the label grew in market share by double digits each year. It is rumored that most of the artists he recently signed is pissed with him. The only reason they came to Epic was because of him! Now they are most likely stuck in their contracts.

Honestly, I don’t see whats all the hoopla about. In my opinion, Epic and it’s artist are in good hands. Sylvia Rhone is now running the company. She was the president of Epic working under Reid. In the mid 90’s Rhone used to be the CEO of Elektra Records; responsible for the success of Missy Eliott, Busta Rhymes, Fabalous, Keith Sweat, Silk, Kut Klose, Bjork and Metallica just name a few. In the early 2000’s she was the CEO of Universal/Motown; The Lil Wayne/ Cash Money era. Need I say more?

This story is far from over. Sony is still working on the terms of LA’s exit because he still had a few years left on his contract. Ultimately, a civil suite is coming and it doesn’t look good for Sony. They just came from a multi-year lawsuit from Sony artist Kesha and Dr. Luke. Kesha claimed he sexually assaulted her among other things and she wanted out of her contract. She was forced to honor her contract by Sony. That being said, in the eyes of public opinion, it looks like Sony bred a culture of objectifying women and being sexual predators. Rob Stringer fired Dr Luke 2 weeks ago by the way.

How will LA Reid bounce back from this? can he though ?


Last but not least, whats going to happen to Epic Records? The house that Michael Jackson built. Like I said, this isn’t over.