PRINCE’S ESTATE Manager and Universal Music nulliffy Music Deal; Estate have to payback $30M

Imagine you just won a $30 million lawsuit from Wal-Mart. You copped that lambo you always wanted. You upgraded your spouses cars. You’re still looking at a couple of mansions because you can’t decide if you want the 20,000 sq ft house with 10 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms or do you want the 8,000 sq ft house with 10 bedrooms and 7 baths. So you decide to take a trip to Europe because all these decisions is so overwhelming. Come to find out, you have to give all that money back because you lawyer got cute and inflated your injuries!

That’s what happened with Prince’s estate Kinda.  According to Variety, The lawyers made a deal with Universal Music for Prince’s unreleased music for $30m and they inflated the value of the recordings. Not only that, they were not authorized to license all of his music because Warner Music still holds the rights to some or parts of his catalog. DAMN I WOULD BE SO SICK!  Now the estate have to return all of the money.