Back in the 90’s, I was a stone cold savage. I would fuck up so bad that i resorted to taking lyrics from songs to articulate how sorry I am. I would take a line from Babyface, a bar from Keith Sweat and a half a bar from R Kelly. Who ever had the most sentimental lines, they were getting ripped! I didn’t give a flying f’ck. All I cared about was getting my girl back. Listen, when you’re in your early 20’s, carrying spears to take down prey, and testosterone is just seeping out your pores, I’m sorry you’re just not that intoned to how much you hurt this beautiful woman that’s been nothing but good to you. YOU’RE A SAVAGE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! So you may need a little help. Hey, Baseball players got steroids and playas had the R&B. Lets move on.

After I compiled all my thoughts, rehearsed for a couple of hours, I would tell my girl how sorry I am via phone or from behind her door and begged her to take me back. Of course that didn’t work. A few days later, I would call the radio station to confess my biggest mistake, dedicate a song to her like R Kelly’s “I Don’t Mean It”, knowing that she’s listening in the hopes that she will start to answer my calls. Last but not least what I would do, Bitch you guessed it! I made an R&B Mixtape!!…. what, you thought I was going to say flowers?!!! FOH! Back in the 90’s, The “I f’cked up Baby “Mixtapes was the ultimate way to get your girl back; say I love you and I’m dying without you.


The 90’s WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE: 90’s R&B NEW JACK SWING That’s some of the things we used to do.

For $5 bucks, there was a tape for every occasion. They were like Halmark Cards! ( I love You Tape, I f’cked up Tape, First Date Dinner Tape, Sex Tape, Drive By MixTapes) Yes there was a tape for a Drive by LOL. Thugs needed their inspirations too!

This my playlist I had before I put down my spears. Enjoy. Hopefully I can save a life, I Mean a relationship.