CEO and legendary producer, La Reid announced today that he’s leaving Epic Records. Unlike President Trump Firing his FBI director on the fly and having him find out by watching the news, I’m glad Reid’s new boss at Sony had enough respect to allow him to tell us his way, on his terms. To keep it real, CEO’s in the music business get fired all the time only to get hired by another record company in a week or two. A new regime would come in and fire the current CEO AND his staff just to bring in their own team. I saw this coming a few months ago when Doug Morris announced his retirement from the business and his successor will be Columbia’s CEO Rob Stringer.

Something Jesus would say to his diciples.

Doug Morris, a legend in the music industry used to run Universal Music group for years. When He left Universal, He brought La with him from Island/Defjam to run Epic Records. Before He got there, Epic was a non factor in the sony system and the industry as a whole. In a few short years, LA made it relevant again scoring number 1’s from Future, Megan Trainer, Rick Ross and Dj Khalid. La made it cool for artist to want to sign there again. If I’m going to bet, I thinking La might take a newly made position at Tidal or Apple Music. What ever he does next will be Large.


La Reid along with his co producing partner went on a tear during the 90’s. They were responsible for 80% of the best R&B songs written and produced in that era. they later formed LaFace Records and blessed the world with Usher, Toni Braxton, TLC, Goodie Mob and Outkast.