I was watching a playoff game a week ago on TNT and Shaq and the guys decided to do something different after the game. They had Pj Morton on as a live performance; full band and all. Pj performed Sticking To My Guns from his latest EP, Gumbo. It was a cool performance so I decided to check it out and man, did it blow me away! It was pure funk, butter neo soul filled with lush strings. I love every joint on the project. Sticking To My Guns was ehh but it was strong enough to make me want to check Gumbo out.

Pj Morton is best known for being Maroon5 tour keyboardist and background vocalist. He once got caught up in Birdman’s Hand-rub and had a deal with Cash Money Records. I guess he Stuck To His Guns and slipped out that joint.

Check out Gumbo; It’s amazing