So I’m riding in my car, scanning through stations and a song by Joe stopped me in my tracks. I knew it was Joe cause it’s Joe! But I never heard this particular song by him before. I quickly grabbed my phone and Shazamed it and the song was ” If You Loose Her”. Come to find out the song came out in 2014 and I immediately start to wonder why this wasn’t a hit!? This song is timeless and it’s a quintessential 90’s type of song where Joe is advising the savage he hangs out with to treat his woman better because if you don’t, you know the rest .


In more detail, the song speaks to relationships turning stagnate and guys getting comfortable with a situation and we stopped paying attention to the little things . Got DAMN THIS IS A GREAT SONG! I can’t believe it wasn’t a hit!  If You Loose Her is that song that keeps us on our toes and serves as a reminder to keep working on my relationship. If you’re a savage and you know you got a roni, maybe you need to start moving differently.



Shame on black radio for not getting behind Joe and making this song a hit.