Rolling Loud Music Festival just left Miami this past weekend 5/6 – 5/7 and it was LIT! Kendrick head lined, Lil Wayne came through and a hundred other mumble rappers had the stage on flames! Over 100K flew in from all over the country and didn’t even require any extra luxuries. It was streamed live by Revolt TV and fans a like strictly for Lit meter purposes . With all this hype and fire surrounding Rolling Loud, The organizers of Fyre Fest must have thought this whole shit fest was going to blow over in a day or two. Boy were they wrong.

Gentleman, Rolling Loud just gave us a gift. They’ll forget about us by Monday.

Fyre just got bitch slapped with a multi class action lawsuit totaling over $105m! http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/legal-and-management/7791992/fyre-festival-fallout-breaking-down-the-six-lawsuits
ja livinIf this keeps up, somebody might have to file chapter 7! One more thing I want to note of ; some of the performers who were scheduled to perform at Sh”t Fest, shut down The Rolling Loud Fest.

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