Diddy have been sued more times than President Trump’s been audited. It’s been part of his career but this lawsuit bakes the cake and this cake been custom-made by his ex – chef Cindy Rueda. Over the years we read or heard gay rumors about Diddy. 50cent most notably took shots at Diddy on social media insinuating he’s gay or have gay tendencies. To be clear, no man have ever came out and said he slept with Diddy nor do I care if he’s gay or not. By all accounts, Diddy been with some of the baddest women and fathered 5 children. This is the first time to my knowledge, that Puff is being sued for sexual harassment and retaliation.  http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/7785188/sean-diddy-combs-sued-by-ex-chef-for-sexual-harassment-and-retaliation In her claim, Rueda said she would cook for him from 9am to 12am without being paid overtime and would have to serve Diddy and his friends meals immediately after sexual intercourse. The chef alleged that she had to serve the meals while he and his friends were still naked. I gotta tell ya, this part of the lawsuit blows my mind only because how the complaint was framed in the Billboard.biz article http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/7785188/sean-diddy-combs-sued-by-ex-chef-for-sexual-harassment-and-retaliation.IMG_2312

It paints a picture of Diddy having sex with men or group sex with men and women. The chef makes other claims of Puff asking her if she likes his body while he’s buc naked. She also says one of his friends would walk into the kitchen naked and ask Chef Cindy if she like his balls; WHO DOES THAT?!!! The lawsuit also claims she’s been framed for theft so Diddy can terminate her services.

PUFF ON THE BOARDI always wanted to work for someone like Diddy or Hov, but if I would’ve been subjected to that, I would quit on the spot and say to myself it was fun while it lasted. Would you hang in there and work as long as Chef Cindy did or would you have peace out? Let us know in the comments.

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