I don’t know where to start beloveds; Neffe, older sister of Keisha Cole went on Iyanla Fix my life in a last-ditch effort to fix her marriage. To keep it a buck, She really went on The show just to finesse a reality show.

Why is it all about Shelby? It should be about me!

It was a train wreck from the start. Her husband Shelby said he came on the show to fix his marriage and Neffe said she came on to find her inner self. She had tears that would fall on-demand. She was saying all the right things as to why she was there and what she wants to accomplish but her actions were saying the opposite. Through out the whole show, all Neffe seemed to care about was her camera time. She challenged every fact that her husband said. When He stated he had a heart attack a week ago, Neffe said child please he had heart failure. When Shelby acknowledged she beat him up once before, she said that was 10 yrs ago! Why you bringing that up?!

Are you f#ckin kidding me right now?! You gonna sit up here and tell them I beat yo ass? Ni99a that was 3yrs ago!

By episode two, Neffe quickly realized that this show was all about her husband and not her and she had a problem with that. When Neffe came in for her scenes, she exposed her self to the world as a narcissistic TV whore. She created a persona for herself which didn’t work in her favor for this show.  IF Neffe had hopes in flipping these episodes into getting her own show again, I think she missed her mark and chose the wrong platform to finesse; Oprah don’t play those games. She was clearly self-aware of what her issues are and what she needs to do to fix them which really begs questioned, why did she need Iyanla if she had the answers? At the end of the show, there was a breakthrough. It was for TV but in real life, there was a break down and with good reason. If one was to look back at a show that you and your partner went to seek help for, and you watched how your spouse/partner never had your back, cared or stepped up when you needed them the most, all trust would be broken and it’s “Hard 2 Fix It”.

You don’t understand. I have to clean the house, take the kids to school, work all day and she have the nerve to ask me what I’m cooking for dinner 😭 This bih trying to kill me!

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You see? I can’t live like this. She’s always telling me to shut the f#ck up.