There is something to be said about having lots of money and entitlement; and god forbid its new money. Flexing on the Gram is at an all time high. Blac Youngsta is making his daily videos, throwing cash around in a hotel room while cursing his virtual adversaries, calling them itty bitty bitches. Struggle Soundcloud rappers flexin with their fake diamonds, guns and prop money. Thottys are posting Ass pics while wearing six-inch hills. Some others are posting videos of their ultimate Sunday weekend on a boat somewhere in Miami Bay. Everybody’s Flexin and competing to see who can be the most LIT!! It’s November 2016 and most of the major festivals announce their line ups and put tickets up for sale. Some how Ja Rule and his partner Billy McFarland see’s all this flexing as an opportunity to capitalize on the music fest market as well as these people who wish they were celebs or ballers and bring them to this remote island. Why? I don’t know! It’s wasn’t enough to use the Keys or Crandon Park Miami,Fl , No! They had to make it super exotic and foreign. Exotic and foreign is the ultimate flexing. Everything was lined up. They made a well produced promo video featuring Kendall Jenner and some other models to sell it and make it legit. These models also promoted Fyre Fest on their instagram pages and the promo was on Youtube. To be fair, I don’t know if Ja and his partner were gassing themselves up to think they can pull off Fyre Fest, or they were finessing and scamming these Instagram followers. Low key, when I got wind of this Fyre Sh”t Fest, it sounded like a Boiler Room movie Plot to me. I’ve seen a segment piece on Revolt Tv about music festivals and the take away was, it’s a hard and tough business. As a matter of fact, most of the major ones are owned by Live Nation and AEG . Live Nation & Aeg bought out the original music festivals before they folded . You have to figure, If you’re going to Coachella, on the low-end you’re spending $1,200. The $1,200 for the Coachella experience includes plane tickets, event tickets, food and somewhere to stay. On the high-end of Coachella, you’re looking at $2,300 – $8,000 and they don’t offer  gourmet food! The food is regular! Grant it, it’s not stale dry bread with a piece of cheese with lettuce but it’s definitely not catered food! When you think it can’t get any worst, some people the attended Fyre fest is suing Ja Rule and his Partners and the Bahamian Government is now suing Fyre Fest organizers. It Seems ever since Ja Rule got bodied by 50cent, he’s been allergic to winning! Fyre Fest wanted to go to the boundaries of the impossible! Did they pull it off ? Fyre Fest wanted to take you on a quest! Did that happen ? Fyre Fest wanted to immerse you in food, music, art and what ever the f”ck on a remote private island! did that happen?…..I don’t know whats coming next but I will keep you posted.