What can I say about this amazing talent. Besides being a living legend, Janet Jackson’s is arguably Beyoncé’s biggest influence and inspirations. I would dare say Beyoncé’ is Janet Jackson on steroids due to her powerful voice. Through out the late 80’s and all of the 90’s, early 2000’s Janet Jackson was a mega star selling 10 – 20 million albums every time she came out. Janet was Thirst Trap for regular and industry dudes before we knew what thirst trap was! 1991 was Janet Jackson’s first mega deal with Virgin Records netting her $40m after her successful rum at A&M Records was over. In 1996 when her contract was up with Virgin, Janet hit Virgin up again for a Louie Bag amounting to $60m! She was breaking all kinds of records that affords both men and women of color in the music industry to make or have mega deals should the climate or market allows it today. On the 2004 Super Bowl, Some how things went left for Janet after her nipple popped out. After that beautiful piece of flesh popped out, things just haven’t been the same for Janet Jackson’s career. After numerous apologies on TV and Print, it seems like she kinda got the Level 1 blackball; the probation type. What I mean by that, instead of being locked up, you’re on probation were you’re being monitored and able to work; That’s how Janet Jackson’s career felt like to me after the 2004 Super Bowl. To this day it boggles my mind that Janet Jackson don’t have a Madonna or a Jay Z Live Nation Contract. Janet is on her way back and I’m rooting for her to fill some arenas. Are you amped to see Janet hit the stage again? Let us know in the comments.

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