I’m totally convinced Birdman has a magical Myst that comes out of his hands every time he rubs them together. It seems all you have to do is be with in 5 ft away from Birdman and he will seduce you into signing with him once he rub his hands together. It makes all the sence in the world; because why would any one sign with Cash Money Records With all the public information about Birdman and Cash Money about being allergic to paying artists. As a producer and artist, I’m shook to have a meeting with Birdman. I could say to myself, I’m just going in there to see what he have to say but I will not sign jack. Next thing you know, Birdman rubs his hands together and I end of signing for a $10K advance, a Cash Money chain and gave away all my publishing to Cash Money Records. Some how AR- Ab and Rich Homie Quan snapped  out of that hand rub spell. Sy Ari Da Kid and Money Man are the latest to sign with Cash Money. They both did an interview with The Durtty Boyz in Atlanta’s Hot 107.9. When the host J. Nicks asked if they were concerned about the legal issues and Cash Money’s habit about not paying anyone, Their answer were I just worry about my pockets and my personal relationship with Birdman, That’s their issues not mines. That’s the type of answer some women make when they’re being warned about a guy whose a known womanizer and a dead beat father of 5 and she says as long as he treat my baby right, that’s not my problem and as long as He don’t disrespect me, I don’t care. With that type of mindset, we all know how that story plays out, right? The fact that Lil Wayne the most loyal artist to Cash Money is suing  means nothing is alarming. The fact that Drake, arguably the biggest artist in the world contract is a sh”t fest means nothing to these new artists is alarming. Would you sign to Birdman And Cash Money? Let me know in the comments.