Kendrick is making all the right moves and pressing all the right  buttons with a little old school touch. In his home town Compton, Kendrick held an autograph signing of his new CD “Damn” for his fans. First of all, this is an old music industry formula that artists and record companies use to do to kick off or jump-start the first week sells of a new album, a practice that’s been abandoned years ago by the music industry. With thousands waiting in line for hours just for a chance to meet Kendrick, this more than solidify his place for best first week sells of 2017. There is a lot of reasons people are pitting the success of Damn to More Life. In my opinion, Like More Life, Damn is essentially a mixtape project! with the Legendary Kid Cupri navigating you through a bunch of Mitch matched vibes and beats without you even noticing! That was genius On Kendirck’s and TDE’s part. I will say this again, Damn is a great project that’s full of flames and gems. What more can you ask for.