For years Bill O’Reilly had a Hard On for hip hop. If a corporate entity dares to sponsor a hip hop artist, you can count on Bill to use his platform to start a petition on why its un-American for a company Like Pepsi or Target to sponsor a hip hop artist that disrespect women. Over the years he blocked tens of millions of dollars from hip hop artists pockets; most notably The Ludacris Pepsi Commercial, while he was able to keep his job and sponsors for doing far worst to women. The whole Time Bill O’Reilly was blocking or campaigning for hip hop artists to be dropped by sponsors, he was sexually harassing women that worked with him or for him. From 2002 to 2017, there’s been countless sexual harrassment claims that’s been settled out of court. Not this time Bill. Finally on this day, April 19, 2017 The Teflon Don of Hypocrisy got fired on his day off by Fox News. The host of The Factor just became the new host of The Non Factor. This has been a major “W” for Hip Hop and Ludacris.