Did Nicki Minaj Block K. Michelle?


Politics is in every industry but in the music business it’s dirty. If someone don’t like you they can slow down your success or black ball you. I always wondered how power and influence works. How is it that one person can pick up the phone and tell a major corporation “don’t work with this person and if you do, I won’t do anything for you”. What if this popular or “person with power”  in exchange  does work for a couple of your artist and don’t yield results after complying to their demands? How does that work?


Apparently K. Michelle is insinuating that Nicki Minaj stalled out or sabotaged her last project and was told to let it ride so she won’t get no blow back. The story goes she assumed Michelle had a sexual relationship with Meek Mill, so Nicki had the title track of her album pulled. If this is true, it is crazy that Nicki would do such a thing knowing how hard it is for black women to make it in the industry.Lately talks of Nicki making phone calls behind the scenes are coming out more and more everyday.

It’s public knowledge that Nicki tried to get radio personalities fired and tried made calls to have the Remy Ma dis track pulled from iTunes. I’m wondering why K. Michelle waited so long to come forward? if somebody doing me dirty and stopping my paper, I’m exposing it. I refuse to be a victim to anybody.